Celebrating Africa!

Experience Africa with Johann and Monika Leibbrandt!

We are a knowledgable and passionate team that have been working together, non-stop, for three years. Both of us have five years travelling and guiding experience in numerous African and European countries. We are THETA-registered and have Public Driving Permits and First Aid qualifications.We have road transport permits and Passenger Liability Insurance of up to R10 million.
Monika is multilingual; she is fluent in English, Afrikaans, Zulu and German.
Johann has a code EC drivers licence, which means that he can transport you in anything from a motorbike to a 20 ton truck!

After much consideration we decided to make St Lucia our home.

We want to introduce the tourist and the resident to the magnificence of Africa, taking you to the most beautiful, world-renowned yet still untouched areas of our continent. Our aim is to bring people and nature closer together and to build positive interpersonal relationships.

Home Base
Wild Africa's home base is the village of St Lucia. It is one of the only villages in South Africa, which is surrounded by a Natural World Heritage Site. The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park lies on KwaZulu-Natal's northeastern coast - The Kingdom of the Zulus. This park is 328 000 hectares and was declared South Africa's first Natural World Heritage Site on 1 December 1999 by UNESCO. Lake St Lucia has also recently been added to the world's "Living Lakes". Five ecosystems lie within eyesight of each other. The warm Indian Ocean forms the Eastern border and Lake St Lucia forms a barrier on the western side.
Since a third of KwaZulu-Natal's area is owned by KZN Nature Conservation Services, this area is any eco-tourist's dream and an experience never to be forgotten. The area is teeming with every manner of life: humpback whales, dolphins, deep-sea fish including game fish and bottom fish, turtles - both leatherback and loggerhead, Nile crocodiles, hippopotami, elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, rhinos, small and large antelope, over 500 species of birds, and so much more.
This small tourist village is an attraction in itself. There are only about 300 permanent residents who cater for the following:
Accomodation for about 4500 guests and 2500 campers, 3 supermarkets, a butchery, several fishing bait and tackle shops, more than 10 restaurants, gift shops, fruit and craft markets, 2 gas stations, a library, post office, hair salon and 2 doctors.

St Lucia Village as well as its immediate surrounds is malaria free.

We Offer
We offer to be your helping hand in Africa from the day that you contact us. Allow us to be your friends in St Lucia, Africa. St Lucia Village and its surrounds has ideal weather with a minimum temperature of 15 degrees Celcius and a maximum of 37 degrees Celcius throughout the year. Even the swifts and swallows don't migrate!

Since touring is our business we offer a variety of tour options. We have day trips from St Lucia as well as package tours.
Wild Africa